Lisette OC Photography is a team effort of experienced photographers. When Lisette isn't available on your date, Alex or Monique will step in as the lead photographer.  The final product will always reflect Lisette's unique editing style.  Together they have extensive backgrounds in wedding and portrait photography, utilize the same high-end photography equipment, and provide a friendly and professional experience.  

santabarbara-13 final.jpg

A perfectionist in every detail

I'm the gal who not only takes photos at your wedding but who also fixes your hair and carries your train, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, becomes your right-hand woman, and gets down at your wedding!  No detail is missed.  When it comes to my style, I have a photojournalistic approach that includes a touch of traditional portraiture.  I am all about giving you a variety to choose from.

In my free time you can find me working out, traveling, and having dance parties with my kids.  I love Italy, spin class, and churros.

Lisette Gatliff

Founder & Main Photographer

Bringing out the

best in you

For as long as I can recall, I have always been in love with photography. Whether being in front or behind the lens, the stories and memories that lie beneath each photo is what captures my heart. 


My philosophy is simple: live, laugh, love, and let loose.  Enjoy each moment for what it is, and let me do the work in capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Alexandra Rodriguez

Associate Photographer


Capturing the important moments

I believe the greatest moments in life are best captured candidly.  Being a right-brained, creative, and spirited photographer, I aim to capture and tell stories of life's happy little moments. Having a background in wildlife & landscape photography, I love to bring my passion for nature into my portrait work. 

I’m a simple girl who loves nature, animals, puppies, ice cream, fine arts, photography, and referencing The Simpsons like nobody’s business.

Monique Dao

Associate Photographer